Advanced Machinery has its own design department and production facilities in order to provide the following services:

Adaptation / re-engineering of existing systems

All equipments offered by the equipment division can be implemented on your existing machine. We can work in individual steps:

- study and engineering;
- production of adaptation supports and/or equipments;
- mounting the units on the existing machinery;
- calibration and fine-tuning;
- training the operators.


Or you can also choose for a complete turnkey solution.

Overhaul & maintenance

We offer our customers an "inspection contract". Our technicians will visit the customer for inspection and discuss  the status of the machine together with the machine operator. After each visit, the customer receives a report and a quotation for updating the machine status. We are 100% convinced that a perfect machine condition and a perfectly skilled operator will result in producing less waste and will increase the output. 

We can also offer you a complete overhaul of your machine, if necessary this can be combined with a revamping. For example, upgrading tension control, installing a web cleaner, a video inspection system, webguide, ...  Our goal is to find the BEST solution for our customers .

Technical consulting

Our engineering department can support the customer with technical consulting. Going from the implementation of equipments on the existing machine for optimisation of your specific production process up to evaluation for future investments in complete new production lines. We are thinking together with our customers... always looking for a win-win.


Project management

We do more than just selling a machine...

Our team can help you with the implementation of the new machine into your production plant. Looking at different important issues such as logistics around the machine, the most ergonomic situation for the operators, needed space for maintenance etc.

Once the plans are made, we will help our customer with the study of the floor-loading and the build-up of the machine at the customer's facility. 

Then last but not least our engineering team is ready to organize the transport, unloading and installation of the machine.

You only need to provide the space,... we think about the rest.




To complete our range of services, we can give a specific machine-related training to the operators and we can extend the training with special training for maintenance and troubleshooting to the internal technical staff. After a successful training your operators will receive a certificate, machine or training related. Usually we split the training in a training at the machine supplier's and a deeper training once the machine is installed at the final destination.


Cost evaluations and downtime forecast